Turnkey Execution

Turnkey Consulting Services & Solutions in Delhi

At IMDD, we specialize in providing comprehensive turnkey execution solutions for a wide range of projects across various industries. As a leading turnkey project executing company our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, from concept to completion, ensuring that your project is executed seamlessly and efficiently.

Whether you require turnkey project consultants, turnkey interior execution, or end-to-end project execution services, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs.

We provide complete project execution, overseeing all on-site operations such as process piping, major equipment erection and commissioning, performance testing, and other specialized services in accordance with IMDD safety regulations, all within the allotted time and quality constraints.

Motivated by excellence

Extensive knowledge from 15,000 devoted clients

A nationwide network for sales and services

Over 100 service franchisees in India

The most reliable logistics support

Gained application and system expertise; projects are carried out by IMDD Project Franchisees or certified, trained contractors.

With its extensive global experience in the design and construction of turnkey facilities, IMDD is your trustworthy partner. Close collaboration with all of our technology departments guarantees that projects may be completed precisely, to the highest standard, and in accordance with your unique specifications. We supply both individual items and services as well as comprehensive solutions.

You can choose from several models offered by IMDD for turnkey order execution. EPC Self-Performing: As the general contractor for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction, IMDD assumes responsibility for the project management of process plants, turnkey services, and turnkey equipment.

EPC Partnering: a division of duties is established within the consortium, and the customer contract is jointly signed with a consortium partner.

Turnkey Service Model: Two distinct contracts are signed in the EPCM-model (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Management): one for the supply of the process plant and the other for the EPCM of the balance-of-plant facilities.

IMDD is in a great position to take on challenging and unusual projects and produce high-quality, timely solutions that adhere to industry safety standards thanks to our extensive network of experts and combination of local and international suppliers.

IMDD may do a variety of tasks in different combinations based on the needs of the client. It could be an EPC contract, which would cover all infrastructure construction as well as the supply, commissioning, and qualification of production machinery and support systems, or it could be a Procurement Management contract, in which IMDD would only assist with the procurement and qualification of production machinery and support systems, leaving the customer to handle infrastructure construction locally.

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Check with us! We provide different Turnkey Solutions

IMDD turnkey solutions

Our turnkey solutions are designed to simplify the project execution process and minimize risk for our clients. By offering integrated turnkey services, we ensure seamless coordination between all project stakeholders, resulting in cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed your expectations.

Turnkey Project Consultants

We provide professional advice and assistance at every phase of the project lifecycle as part of our turnkey consulting services, which take a comprehensive approach to project management. Our team of turnkey project consultants makes sure that your project is carried out precisely and efficiently, from preliminary planning and feasibility studies through procurement, construction, and commissioning.

Architectural Designing

As one of Delhi's top interior design and architecture firms, we also provide full-service architectural design to go along with our interior design offerings. We meticulously and skillfully manage every part of your project, from conception to completion.

Turnkey Consultants & Solutions

We offer specialized solutions as turnkey project consultants, made to match your unique needs and goals. All facets of project execution, including design, engineering, procurement, construction, and project management, are covered by our all-inclusive turnkey solutions, which guarantee flawless integration and coordination throughout the process.

Turnkey Project Execution

From project conception to project completion, you can rely on us to handle all project-related tasks with our turnkey project execution services. Our skilled staff manages every facet of project execution, from planning and scheduling to budgeting, sourcing, building, and quality assurance, guaranteeing that your project is completed on schedule, on budget, and to the highest possible levels of quality.

Turnkey Interior Execution

Your interior spaces will be transformed into aesthetically beautiful and useful areas with the help of our complete interior execution services. Our team of professionals handles every step of the interior execution process, from conception and design to procurement and installation, making sure your project fulfills your needs and reflects your vision.

Turnkey Construction Services

Our comprehensive construction services include every facet of the building process, from foundation work and site preparation to building construction & completion. Every step of the building process is overseen by our skilled group of experts, who guarantee that your project will be finished on schedule, on budgetary constraints, and to the highest possible standards of quality.

End-to-End Project Execution

From inception to conclusion, the full project lifecycle is covered by our end-to-end project execution services. We handle all facets of project execution, such as planning, design, procurement, construction, & commissioning, thanks to our all-inclusive approach to project management. This guarantees that your project will be completed on time and within your allocated budget.

Turnkey Design-Build Services

We provide integrated construction and design services that expedite the project delivery process as turnkey design-build specialists. Our turnkey design-build methodology guarantees smooth collaboration between various project stakeholders from conception and design development through construction and occupancy, leading to cost-effective solutions and quicker project delivery.

Turnkey Construction Management

Comprehensive supervision and oversight of all project activities, especially planning and scheduling to budgeting as well as quality control, are offered by our turnkey construction management services. We guarantee that your project is carried out effectively and in accordance with the highest standards of sustainability, safety, and quality thanks to our skilled team of construction managers.

So, Your interior spaces will be transformed into aesthetically beautiful and useful areas with the help of our complete interior execution services. Our team of professionals handles every step of the interior execution process, from conception and design to procurement and installation, making sure your project fulfills your needs and reflects your vision.